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Grabbarna Flytt <3 Evergreen Finland

Grabbarna Flytt offset and climate compensated its emissions from the diesel consumption of its moving trucks by planting and protecting Finnish forest together with Evergreen Finland.

Evergreen Finland was founded in the summer of 2019, when two young university students wanted to utilize Finland’s world-leading forest expertise and enable the removal of carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere for Finnish companies. Evergreen Finland’s goal was to raise the level of sustainable development in Finland together with Finnish companies. Evergreen Finland bound carbon by planting and protecting evergreen forest on old arable land in Eastern and Central Finland.

In 2019, Grabbarna Flytt’s moving trucks drove a total of approximately 140 000 kilometers in Finland and Sweden, which emitted approximately 64 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide will be offset in Pihtipudas, Finland, where Evergreen Finland has planted forest during the fall of 2020 for Grabbarna Flytt and other responsible companies that want to remove their emissions from the atmosphere.

During 2020, Grabbarna Flytt’s operation expanded to include more moves and an new office space in Stockholm. From 2020, in addition to diesel emissions, Grabbarna Flytt also offset the emissions caused by their office’s electricity consumption and possible public, car and air travel together with Evergreen Finland.

“Grabbarna Flytt has a genuine interest in the well-being of the environment. In addition to offsetting Grabbarna Flytt’s emissions in Finnish forests, we also strive to continuously raise the company’s level of sustainable operations together. Our common goal is to reduce Grabbarna Flytt’s emissions as much as possible. In the future the goal is to switch into electric moving trucks, green electricity and communicating remotely between Finland and Sweden.”
– M. Planting (2019), Co-Founder & CEO, Evergreen Finland



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