At Grabbarna Flytt, we help you with your moving needs. We offer services for both private customers and companies. With more than 40 000 moves to date, we’ve seen it all. Simply choose the package most suitable to you and we’ll help you with everything from transporting a beloved piece of furniture to moving your entire home to the south of France. We can also help with company moving-projects and provide tailored logistical solutions.

Our experience gained through moving larger offices allows us to provide your company with tailored logistical solutions. To put it simply, we can offer you what you need!

Private moves

We offer anything you might need for your move, simply choose the most suitable package from our wide array of services. We can help you with everything from transporting a piece of furniture to an all-inclusive package, including materials, boxes, packaging, and entire household moves. We also offer our clients warehousing services, moving heavy objects (e.g. pianos or safes), and transportation of objects to recycling centers. We offer appraisals free of charge for larger apartments and we’re always close at hand during the moving process.

Moving services for private moves are a household service and thus deductible per the RUT deduction. The RUT deduction allows you, as a customer, to deduct 50% of the total labor cost for up to 75 000 Swedish crowns per year per person.

internationell flytt

International moves

Are you dreaming of moving abroad or do you have to relocate because of work? Whatever the cause may be, we are ready to help and can offer you trustable and secure transportation throughout Europe. We also handle frequent moves of different sizes between Finland and Sweden and can offer you competitive prices on this route even for deliveries of individual furniture. Contact us if you are in need of an international move or if you have a recurring need for international transports. We can tailor the transport package that suits you the best!

Company moves

We can offer companies traditional moves regardless of size, anything from individual businesspersons to large scale commercial offices with hundreds of cubicles – nothing is too small or large for Grabbarna Flytt. Moreover, we also provide companies with logistical co-operation, where we offer tailored solutions to fully satisfy your precise needs, such as recurrent transportation between offices, assembly tasks, or overweight freight.

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Recycling services

Sustainable development is a key part of our values and we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible when handling waste and old furniture.

When moving, many want to get rid of old furniture that is no longer in use. To the best of our ability, we transport old furniture for recycling so that it can be useful to someone else in the future. We transport broken goods and waste to Soptippen in the Stockholm Metropolitan Area, where the waste is sorted and recycled according to its materials. We can also take care of your confidential documents and transport them for proper destruction.

Recycling transports can be arranged flexibly both separately and in connection with your move.



Do you need help with smaller installations or a round to the recycling center, let us know and we'll handle it!