We at Grabbarna Flytt also offer our customers move-out cleaning. The material for the move-out cleaning has been selected with great care and in this way we can integrate an environmental thinking into our way of working. We place high demands on all parts of the work and guarantee your top-class cleaning service. During the move-out cleaning, all surfaces in the home are thoroughly cleaned. Book your moving cleaning in connection with your move or separately and let Grabbarna Flytt take care of the logistics.

Cleaning for move

What do we clean?

Floors and removal of dust and stains:
-Doors, doorframes, doorhandles, and light switches
-Mirrors, glass surfaces, tile- and painted walls
-Radiators and fans
-Shelves, general surfaces, wardrobes, and floor mouldings
-Vacuuming and wash of floors and mouldings

-Cabinets, litter bin and tile walls
-Sink and faucet
-Cooker hood and microwave oven
-In & outsides of fridge and oven
-Shelves, drawers and the outside of fridge/freezer (needs to be empty and defrosted)

Toilet and bathroom:
-Sink, faucet and toilet seat
-Shower and bathtub
-Cabinets, glass surfaces and mirrors
-Tile walls, floor, mouldings and visible pipes

-Vacuuming and wash of floors

Window cleaning

-Cleaning of both the inside and outside of the window, removal of dust from windowframes and -moldings
-The windows need to be easily reachable, at a height of max. 3 meters and able to open inwards
-In case the weather does not allow for window cleaning, it is possible to reschedule the booking

Note before move-out cleaning

Inform us in time, if pets have been living in the apartment or if there has been corona, pests or mold. We do not clean if the apartment is extremely dirty, if the cleaner is exposed to danger, if smoking has occurred indoors and it affects then cleaner or if there is pests or mold in the apartment.
The customer needs to have a valid electricity- and water contract. We bring with us all the tools and substances needed for the cleaning.

Rut-deduction in move-out cleaning

Move-out cleaning, just like moving services, is a service that is provided to the household and is thus deductible in accordance with the RUT deduction. The RUT deduction gives you as a customer the opportunity to deduct 50% of the total labor cost of up to SEK 75,000 per year / per person.
Book your move-out cleaning already today and take advantage of the Rut deduction!

Book your move-out cleaning

If you are interested in booking move-out cleaning in connection with your move or separately, get in touch with us and we will solve it. Grabbarna Flytt also offer tailor-made solutions when it comes to cleaning and move-out cleaning:
Submit your cleaning request either via our quote request form or by email / phone to the address / phone number below: & 070 29 29 284



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