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What is ROT deduction?

What is ROT deduction?

ROT deduction is a way for you to hire professional help without paying the full price. Today, we will be go through everything that you need to know about the ROT deduction and what you need to think about before using it. 

How does ROT deduction work? 

Just like the RUT deduction, you do not have to think about the ROT deduction. If you hire a moving company to do something in your house, they will apply for the ROT/RUT deduction when needed and you do not have to worry about it. They will handle all contact with Skatteverket to make your life easier. 

How much can I get in ROT deduction?

The maximum amount you can get from ROT deduction is 50.000 Swedish crown, in other words a bit less than the RUT deduction at 75.000. You can get a deduction for reparations, remodelling, and extensions of your house. This might make you believe that this has nothing to do with moving but there are actually certain things that can give you access to ROT deduction when moving. 

If you order a move out cleaning when moving, it is normal for the moving company to clean your drains and valves. This kind of cleaning falls under the ROT deduction, even if most of the move out cleaning falls under RUT deduction instead. Like we said earlier, you do not have to worry about this. The moving company knows how you can save the most money. 

Other requirements 

There are some other requirements you have to fulfill to be able to get ROT deduction. Firstly, you must be the owner of the property. If you are the owner, you have access to ROT deduction for work done in your parents home, even if you do not live there. However, you will not be able to use ROT deduction for work done in you children’s home, even if you are the owner. You also need to be paying taxes in Sweden and you have to be at least 18 years old. 



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