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Street Hockey

Grabbarna Flytt is a proud sponsor of the Street hockey team “Larun Mikki Hiiret,” comprised of old ice hockey and floorball players. Every year, Larun Mikki Hiiret takes part in the Finnish Championship tournament played at Narinkka Square in Helsinki, Finland.

Larun Mikki Hiiret has have great success in the Finnish Championships. Their 2018 heroics saw them finishing in 3rd, granting them a place in the finals. The finals, however, turned out to be a different kettle of fish, as Larun Mikki Hiiret faced renowned players, such as the world-famous Finnish ice hockey player Alexander Barkov. 

Their aspirations for 2020 were right where they left off—winning the competition and getting to adorn their mantelpieces with the cup.

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