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RUT deduction when moving

RUT deduction when moving 

Which rules apply when you are moving and want to use the RUT deduction? In most cases, you do not have to worry about this since your moving company will handle it for you, but it can still be good to know the rules. 

We at Grabbarna Flytt have deep knowledge and fast and well-optimized processes for RUT deductions, which facilitates process times and pure simplicity throughout the whole process. 

RUT deduction for labour cost 

According to the new rules from 2021, you have a right to get RUT deduction for additional services for the labour cost of the moving company. This is because of two new services included in the RUT deduction. These two services are transporting your furniture and moving in/assembling your furniture. 

These new services mean that you can get RUT deduction for the labour cost from transporting your furniture between your old home and your new one. It will also cover the cost of transporting your furniture to and from storage, something that is often needed when moving between the Nordic countries. The other service is furnishing. This will cover the cost of carrying your furniture indoors and assembling your furniture. 

How much money can you get? 

You have a right to get 50% of costs covered by the RUT deduction, but there is a limit at 75 000 Swedish crowns per person and year. However, if you are more than one person over 18 in your household, each of you have your own RUT deduction. That means that even if one person has used their entire RUT deduction, another person can still use theirs and therefore save money. Just remember that the person using their RUT deduction, must be one of the owners of the property or have their name on the lease. All persons using their RUT deduction must also be living in the home. 

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