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Janni & Jon Delér Olsson – Monaco

The year is 2016 and Grabbarna Flytt is tackling around 20 moves per month. There are rumours abound on the internet that one of the biggest stars in the blogosphere is looking for reliable help for her move to Monaco!

In the blink of an eye, the responsibility was on our shoulders and we steered our beloved truck south for a long drive. After a long trip to Monaco through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, Italy, and France, the boys finally arrived at Janni & Jon Delér Olsson’s new abode in Monaco for unloading. After a sweat-filled move, the boys were treated with good food and laughs, before turning the wheel back towards Finland and Helsinki.

The move was widely circulated around both Sweden and Finland and firmly placed Grabbarna Flytt on the map as the next big thing in the moving industry.

Today we’re active in both Helsinki and Stockholm and we have grown significantly on both fronts. This, dear reader, is only the beginning of something even bigger.

Click here to read more about Grabbarna Flytt’s journey to Monaco.

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