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Grabbarna Flytt growth 2020

Grabbarna Flytt growth 

During 2020 Grabbarna Flytt grew steadily. We doubled our group revenue, more than doubled our personnel, and bought many new moving trucks. In 2020 Grabbarna Flytt Stockholm grew with almost 200%! Of course, we love growing fast, but we also realise how important it is that we do not lose track of our key pillars, that are the very reason we succeeded in the first place. If we lose that, we are just another moving company and that is something we want to avoid by any means necessary. 

Complete every project 

No matter how big we get, there is one thing we will never compromise on and that is our quality. Every project we accept is a project we plan on completing to 100%. It does not matter if you live in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki or any other city in the Nordic countries. If we have promised to help you move, then we will do that. That is our promise to you. 

Moving company Stockholm, we at Grabbarna Flytt offer you flexible and tailored solutions to achieve a safe and secure service experience of top quality. 

Back to basics 

To be able to guarantee a perfect service to all our customers, despite our rapid growth, we choose to take a step back and go back to the basics. Instead of trying to grow even faster, we decided to develope new processes for automation and reporting. This will make it easier for our co-workers, or “Grabbar & Tjejer”, as we like to call them, to quickly solve all problems that can arise when moving. 

Our customers will always be our most important asset and that is why it is important for us that they always get the service they deserve. With these new processes in place, we are ready to keep growing, no matter what the future has in store. We are ready for new challenges and we hope that you want to face them with us. Contact us and let us tell you how we can help you the next time you are moving! 

Remember that Grabbarna Flytt can handle anything! 



Do you need help with smaller installations or a round to the recycling center, let us know and we'll handle it!