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Padel tournament

Since the dawn of Grabbarna Flytt, we’ve been striving to keep our team spirit and atmosphere at its peak. This might be due to our sport-crazy founders’ own backgrounds in sports.

Over the years, the guys have done everything from playing hockey at the Hartwall Arena to shuffleboard at Kungsholmen. Since 2018 we’ve also introduced a yearly padel tournament where we crown a pair of workers (unfamiliar to each other prior to working together) as Padel Champions at Grabbarna Flytt. 

During the last years, the tournament has been a resounding success with lovely summer weather and exhilarating matches. In 2019 we invited some of the best players from the Stockholm branch to compete in the tournament. We will continue to arrange a combined tournament in the future, to finally get to the bottom of the age-old dispute: which of the two countries is the absolute best. 

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