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Rut-avdrag 2021

Rut-avdrag 2021

The rules regarding Rut-avdrag have been changed for 2021. We want to make sure you have all the information you need about this. Therefore, we have written this article about the new Rut-avdrag and how it will be affecting you.

Changed rules

The first rule that has been changed is how much money you can get from Rut-avdrag. Earlier, the largest amount you could get was 50,000 SEK but this has now been changed to 75,000 SEK. This means that you will be able to save even more money when you order cleaning in conjunction with your move.

The second thing to change is the addition of four new services that now qualify for Rut-avdrag. The first two services are laundry services and house-sitting services. The other the services are the ones that will really benefit you when moving and hiring a moving company. These are furnishing services and furniture transport services.

Rut-avdrag when moving

These to services means that moving with a moving company will be even cheaper. You can get money back if you need help with furnishing/assembling your furniture and you can get money back from transporting your furniture, even if it is too/from storage. When moving between the Nordic countries, you will often need storage, and this will make it both easier and cheaper for you.

Because of the increase of money, you can get from Rut-avdraget, it will be cheaper even if you are a big company with a lot of stuff to move. Here at Grabbarna Flytt, we really like these new rules, and we believe that they will really benefit our customers. Of course, we will still be handling all the communication with Skatteverket. As the customer, you have nothing to worry about. We got you covered. Our well-optimized processes make the whole process feel painless and simple.

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