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Rasmus Story

Rasmus is a 24-year-old OG Stockholmer who’s been working constantly since the age of 14. He began his career as a summer job floor-layer, but after a decade Rasmus started to feel fed up of the monotonous work and decided to have a look at his prospects. What luck for everyone involved! Today Rasmus is one of the pillars of Grabbarna Flytt’s operation in Stockholm.

Rasmus is solely responsible for one of our most important clients and organizes everything from daily personnel planning to logistics. At the same time, he’s buzzing around and “feeling cozy,” as he puts it, which means lifting beautiful but heavy couches and assembling lamps, really anything in line with our motto “fix everything.”

“I decided to take the next step in my career and jump on Grabbarna Flytt’s moving train in Stockholm. To join a company growing at such an extremely fast rate is both challenging and exciting when every day is different from the last. The prospects are endless, and I see myself in an even larger role in the future. First, we’re going to conquer Stockholm, then the rest of Sweden.”

We’re very excited to have Rasmus as a team member and we’re predicting a very bright future for him at the company! 

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